bob on bike 2
Bob Heflin and his wife JoAnn are avid cyclists.

I  have used the services of Bob Heflin and Heflin Inspection Service for the past six years with hundreds of my clients. I hold Bob and his company in the highest regard for their professional and ethical standards and with the extra care and concern for my seniors. My recommendation for their services is given without any reservations.
Wally Tice
Reverse Mortgage Specialist
Senior Funding Associates

I hired Bob and the rest of the Heflin Inspection group for roughly 5 years and probably 100 inspections. (I’m a loan officer and FHA loans always used to call for pest inspections). THE MOST IMPORTANT thing I noticed was that they were HONEST.  I can’t tell you how many other Pest Inspection people I used before finding Heflin that inflated the issues or created non-issues so they got a big payday. Many times he found no issues.  All he got was a small inspection fee (no matter how far he traveled for me) and he still had to write it up with no issues so the lender would accept there were no issues.Whether you are the homeowner needing an inspection or another loan officer looking for someone who will properly do the job and not “stick it” to the client, I can wholeheartedly recommend Heflin Inspections.
Tom M. , Customer

Heflin advertised a very reasonable fixed price for ground termite treatment, much lower than other companies in the area. . I called expecting a lot of upsells and gotchas but got none at all and I mean zero. Bob Heflin himself came out and did the treatment using TERMADOR liquid which is a very low human toxicity chemical which has been proven quite effective for subterranean termite treatment. He covered everywhere under the house and the entire perimeter and didn’t charge a penny more than the advertised price. He even injected some foamed chemical into some floor planks which showed sign of wood boring beetle entry and didn’t charge me anything extra. I recommend Heflin highly. Honest, no upsells, prompt service and careful application. I always like it when the owner is the person doing the job. Bob cares about his customers’ satisfaction and it shows.
Mark J., Customer