Property Inspections

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A residential property inspection is a complete investigation of a  that will help you make decisions about buying, selling, or remodeling a home

We begin by inspecting the property grounds and building exterior, then inspect the interior by starting at the lowest elevation and finishing in the attic.

Typically, the inspection lasts about two hours and comprises visual inspections of these major areas:

  • Building Interior – Walls, floors, ceilings, doors, fireplaces, leakage stains, handrail safety, windows, and skylights.
  • Building Exterior – Siding, trim, porches, decks, retaining walls, patios, garage, driveway, chimneys, drainage, gutters, and walkways.
  • Building Overall – Structure, roof, heating, electrical, plumbing, attic, kitchen, baths, and foundations.

Someone must be present at the time of inspection. We recommend that homeowners themselves accompany our inspectors so that we can explain the conditions and answer questions as we progress through our tour.