Balcony Inspections

Balcony gardens are a fun place to hang out and enjoy the view

Balconies and decks provide enjoyment for thousands of property owners throughout the Bay Area.  Many owners, however, neglect to do regular, annual inspections to assure the continued safety of these decks for use by their family and friends.

Older buidings are often most in need of repairs

Past collapses of exterior decks or failed railings, have resulted in injury and the tragic loss of life, and are an urgent reminder for increased public awareness in the regular maintenance of building attachments. Exterior decks, stairs, balconies, porches or other attachments to buildings should be routinely inspected by licensed professionals to assure their safety.

The Building Inspection Departments in San Francisco and Berkeley now require wners of apartment buildings and hotels with exterior decks and attachments to have a licensed structural pest control operator, licensed general contractor, architect or engineer inspect your deck, porch, stairs, balcony or other attachments, every 5 years (SF) to or 3 years (Berkeley) assure their continued stability and safety.

Owners of buildings with balconies and decks in the two cities need to have a Balcony Inspections form filled out and signed by an autorized inspector. In San Francisco that is “604 Affidavit

Form” and in Berkeley it is called an “Exterior Elevated Elements Inspection Program Inspection Certificate.

Heflin Inspections can provide these services for you  quickly and efficiently. Owner Bob Heflin is both a general contractor and a pest control operator, authorized to perform the inspection under either license.

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