Termite Inspections

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA termite inspection or Wood-Destroying Organisms report also covers carpenter ants and fungi that  affect the integrity of the wood.  And it includes reports on “conditions conducive” to wood-destroying organisms (e.g. earth-to-wood contact, excessive moisture, or improper grading).

The inspection is based entirely on visible evidence, is non-destructive, and does not guarantee structural soundness or guarantee against future infestations.

transfer_effect_in_actionWhen we perform an inspection, we are careful to determine presence or absence of visible evidence of infestation. We inspect those areas which are readily accessible and where infestation is most likely to occur. We will not break apart, dismantle or remove anything.

Our examinations are  efficient and thorough. We identify evidence of any previous treatments or infestations, the presence of any wood-destroying organisms, and any damage any wood-destroying organisms have already caused. We also note any structural conditions that make the structure vulnerable to attack.
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