Why would I need a termite inspection?

Svetlanas (1) To Save Money.
Periodic inspections are among the least expensive preventative measures available to a homeowner.  Banks often require inspections as prerequisites for loans and mortgages. Termite inspections,  often required when selling a home, are only good for 120 days. Inspections are also useful tools in determining the market value of a house or what repair work needs to be done.

Do I need to be home during an inspection?
Highly recommended and necessary unless the inspection is exterior only. If he inspector needs to enter the building to perform someone must be present.

Can you reports for my reverse mortgage loan?
Absolutely.  We have worked with reverse mortgage borrowers, agents, and lenders for years. We have a good understanding of the reverse mortgage process and are happy to provide inspection and property reports for reverse mortgages

Are the termite chemicals dangerous?
Our termite technicians apply Termidor® at a very low concentration (fipronil, the active chemical, is just 0.06% of the solution), makingTermidor® one of the safest termite treatments available. It is only applied to areas where termite infestation has been noted, so there’s little worry of human contact. For more information, check our Termites page or visit the Termidor ™website.

Will my plants and animals be okay? Will I need to remove or replace my food?
Your plants and animals will be fine. Our termite treatments will not find their way into your food. In fact, Termidor® is widely used on pets as a flea treatment, and it is also frequently used on crops to kill farming pests.

Should I wait until after repair work has finished to schedule a termite treatment?
No. It doesn’t matter whether you have your house treated for termites before or after any repair work.